Health and Safety

Mrs. Randle, School Nurse

The school nurse conducts yearly hearing and vision screenings on all Kindergarten, First and Third grade students, special education referrals, and all students who are new to the state of Texas.

Parents receive referral notes for any results that are out of the normal range. Our nurse also ensures immunizations are updated for each student attending our school. Those with delinquent shots are referred to the health department or their family doctors to receive the appropriate vaccine(s). 

To be sure students and staff are working at their optimal level of health, the nurse screens those who may be ill, performs first aid, blood pressure screenings for monitoring and preventing hypertension. Weights and heights are taken to monitor student growth and development. 

The nurse conducts education classes on hygiene, germ prevention, growth and development, proper nutrition, and community resources and is available to administer medication to children with parental and medical consent. 

Parents who have questions concerning medications, illnesses and any other health issues are welcome to call the school or stop by the clinic any time.